Trigger warning: Self harm

I remember day one with a picture of me staying late at the office during my internship, arranging press releases for an event the next day with my friend. While sorting dozens of printouts and folders, I was telling him about these weird “mannerisms” I have and how I started to think that it was a symptom or a strain of OCD. It freaked me out for a bit, but eventually I just laughed and shrugged it off.

Day two — three, four, five, and so on — was me not dwelling much on the…

Many of us — especially those of us in our early twenties — struggle when thinking about where to start with managing our finances. In fact, some of us don’t even consider saving money until our late twenties! This probably stems from the mindset that we deserve to splurge a little bit and enjoy the first few years of finally earning our own money. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is great, and we all deserve it! …

The fast fashion industry is ever growing here in the Philippines, and there’s really no need to look very far. Just look at the competitive prices and excited buyers looming all over the boutiques in Divisoria and the stalls of Taytay and Baclaran! For most people, it seems that cheap or affordable prices are a top priority when it comes to buying clothes — or any other item, for that matter. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that one should compromise quality in exchange of saving a few bucks.

This is exactly what the growing slow fashion movement is all about…

How to know if you’re ready to switch to menstrual cups, and how to prepare yourself for it if you’re not.

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The main reason why I bought my very first menstrual cup was just out of peer pressure. You see, I have a lot of friends that are more invested in living sustainably than I am. As much as I want to take pride in my everyday efforts to reduce waste or plastic use, there are days when I forget to bring my eco bags and reusable utensils with me. …

With sustainable living starting to grow as a trend, houseplants have started to develop a cult following once again — alongside bamboo utensils, and reusable essentials — among young and older generations alike. Because apart from bringing a new kind of life in each home, when did plants not look good insides our homes, anyway?

Photo by Silvia Agrasar on Unsplash

Aloe. Often referred to by many lifestyle and self-care enthusiasts as aloe vera, this houseplant isn’t just helpful for medicinal uses. This succulent is also very easy to maintain as it prefers as much exposure to light as it can get, meaning it doesn’t need…

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